How much is experience worth?

Posted on Friday, October 13th, 2017 in Selling Advice

I think most of us would agree that the more experience someone has the better able they are to do their job. We’d all prefer to be flown by a pilot with decades of experience, or eat at a restaurant run by a top chef, probably feel safer driving ourselves than letting your 17 year old take the wheel, in fact in every walk of life we know that experience is valuable. So, how much is experience worth, well the more important the task and the more costly a failed outcome the more valuable it is to use a real expert.

Okay so what’s this got to do with selling your home, I can hear you say. Well for most of us moving home is one of the most expensive and stressful activities we undertake and usually only happens once every 7 to 10 years. From the risk of not selling or achieving less than expected to the frustration and stress that can overcome you, having an experienced agent to guide and support you through the process could be worth their weight in gold.

So many companies these days want to convince you that paying a low fee and doing a lot of the work yourself is a cost effective way of selling your home and there’s no doubt that the choice of cheap estate agency fees is so much bigger nowadays. But are you really getting the best value by choosing this option? Most lower fee agents need to take on large numbers of properties to be cost effective and often the staff cover bigger geographical areas. This makes sense for them but does it really give you the support and knowledge necessary to achieve the best results. I would argue that the more experience and time your agent has the better price they will achieve and the more help they can offer.

An experienced valuer can pinpoint the best asking price to achieve success quickly and efficiently, an experienced marketer will know how to generate the most interest and maintain that interest, an experienced negotiator will understand the psychology of buying and achieve the best possible price, an experienced sales progressor will have the skill to liaise with lenders, solicitors, other estate agents and of course you and your buyer.

All this expertise will undoubtebly make you feel more in control and allow you to get on with day to day life safe in the knowledge that an experienced estate agent is there by your side. But will I save money I hear you shouting (I’ve got very good hearing). Maybe not compared to some of the lower priced agents but I can almost guarantee that you will achieve more for your home and definitely guarantee you will enjoy the process better.

So how much is experience worth? In my opinion, and I have over 30 years working in the property industry, more than you could possibly imagine before you’ve been through it.

Choose your next estate agent by experience not price and I promise you’ll be delighted you made the right decision.

I’m available to offer you my extensive experience without obligation, so get in touch and use my knowledge with pleasure.

Till next time

Kevin Richardson